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Nightmare OG

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TOP 5 Voted Medical Uses
  • Pain
  • ADD
  • Migrain
  • Stress
  • Depression
SinCity Seed's, "Nightmare OG" is a scary strong Indica dominant hybrid that's a combination of DNA Genetic's super resinous, OG #18 and SinCity's resin packed hybrid of their own, the WhiteNightmare. This above average yielding Indica grows thick and strong with multiple side branches that need plenty of room to spread far and wide. Her full-bodied flavor and extremely trichome encrusted flowers will be ripe and ready indoors in only 9-10 weeks and is primed for harvest outdoors by the beginning of October. The "Nightmare OG" and her gorgeous buds provide it's user with a tasty Blueberry flavor that's mixed with a Lemon Pine Kush undertone, a tropical terpene profile not found in most OG Kush varieties now-a-days. Following this one of a kind taste and smell is a hard hitting Indica heavy body stone that will leave you searching for the first place to lay down, therefore allowing all your muscles to relax while it's kick of Sativa head buzz calms your mind as well.
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Genetics OG #18 X WhiteNightmare Genotype Indica(30% Sativa, 70% Indica) Flowering Type Photoperiod Flowering Time 9-10 weeks Yield Average
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    • 1 Year ago
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    Very strong body high. Mild head high that creeps, and is best enjoyed pushing the smoke out through the nose. Tastes and smells pretty good, but it hits much harsher than I am used to in indica dominant hybrids. The effects last a few hours for me. Made me feel less nauseous and got rid of my headache earlier tonight and made it so I was able to eat. A good way to end a stressful day or week. Was very aware of my surroundings while driving, however my eyes tended to get much more red and dry compared to many other strains I've tried.
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