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Alien OG

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TOP 5 Voted Medical Uses
  • Pain
  • ADD
  • Migrain
  • Stress
  • Depression
The Cali Connection’s “Alien OG”, not to be confused with it’s parent Alien Kush, is a super funky and well rounded hybrid variety that bears the genetics of two powerhouse OG’s, the mouthwatering Alien Kush as stated before and the hard hitting Tahoe OG. Combining these two together created a perfectly balanced hybrid strain that produces above average sized amounts of extremely frosty and aromatic buds indoors in only 9-10 weeks. While cultivating this pungent beast outdoors will have you taking down her rock solid flowers frosted in crystal clear trichomes around the middle of October. The “Alien OG” has the same pungent fuel and lemon kerosine funk that her Tahoe OG parent has while also providing the same fruity and earthy, OG Kush tones of the Alien Kush. Her complex and full-bodied smoke is paired with a perfectly balanced hybrid high that effects both the body and the mind equally while not being too heavy during the day or too energetic at night. She starts off by hitting you in the head with a euphoric and psychoactive buzz that sits heavy behind your eyes while it’s relaxing body stone slowly works it’s way down until it lands you stuck to your seat searching for the motivation to get up.
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Genetics Tahoe OG X Alien Kush Genotype Hybrid(50% Sativa, 50% Indica) Flowering Type Photoperiod Flowering Time 9-10 weeks Yield Average
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    • 4 Years ago
    Fairly good taste and a good high as we'll.
    Alien O.G. Has a great high and good taste.
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    • 4 Years ago
    Only ever had it once, one of a kind
    Hardball, funky smelling, even funkier tasting strain! Damn good high, with a very heavy finish. Good lookin' out to the homie with the plug.
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