• LA Affie

Indica  LA Affie

Genetics: Indica(5% Sativa, 95% Indica)
Genotype: Unknown Afghani Hybrid
Flowering Type: Photoperiod
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
Yield: Average
Top 5 Voted Medical Uses:
Insomnia, Migrains, Fatigue, Depression, Appetite
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Strain: 734 of 1363

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The beautiful colored powerhouse Indica known as, "LA Affie", or "OG LA Affie" and "Afghan Bombay Kush", started as a clone only variety that was later picked up and re-released in seed form by The Cali Connection and DNA Genetics. Her official genetics are currently unknown and the "OG" at the beginning of her name stand for "Original" and was given the abbreviation by the DNA crew, it is not a representation of her genetic makeup. But what we do know is that the "LA Affie" is a short and squat Indica that produces rock hard buds that have a gorgeous dark purple color and a thick blanket of bright white resin glands. She's a fairly easy strain to cultivate as she responds well to basic mistakes like over-feeding and still produces thick, round and insanely hard hitting flowers that finish in only 7-8 weeks indoors and by the end of September outdoors. Although one might expect a fruity flavor palette with a color like that, the "LA Affie" actually has more of a bold, earthy and hash-like taste and smell to it with sweet undertones. The heavy Indica effects of the "LA Affie" are very stoney and highly medicinal due to her narcotic and sedative body high that will quickly melt away all your pain as you're left motionless in your seat searching for the motivation to get up.

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