• Golden Goat

Sativa  Golden Goat

Genetics: Island Sweet Skunk X (Hawaiian Sativa X Romulan)
Genotype: Sativa(60% Sativa, 40% Indica)
Flowering Type: Photoperiod
Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks
Yield: Average
Top 5 Voted Medical Uses:
Fatigue, Depression, Appetite, Anxiety
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Strain: 406 of 1000

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The "Golden Goat" is a sweet and fruity flavored Sativa dominant strain that was created as a clone only by an unknown breeder out of Kansas. This three-way combination is comprised of a Hawaiian Sativa and Romulan hybrid that was bred with a super resinous, Island Sweet Skunk. She provides her cultivator with heavy yields of big, christmas-tree shaped buds that are extremely frosty and ready for harvest in only 10-11 weeks indoors and by the middle to the end of October outdoors. The "Golden Goat" has a very uplifting and euphoric Sativa dominant head buzz that's visually stimulating and thought provoking effects are very good for creative thinking activities like art, writing, music and entertainment.

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